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10 May 20
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Advanced Bowhunting Tips For Hunters
Bowhunting is a wonderful alternative to rifle hunting but requires a different set of skills. A bow hunter needs to get in closer to his target in order to make a successful kill. Here are some tips for improving your bowhunting skills.You need to understand your shooting limits, for a bow hunter this will typically be 30 to 50 yards from the animal.
21 Jun 20
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Caring For Your Camping Lantern
As with any other piece of equipment, a white gas camping lantern requires care and maintenance to ensure the best possible quality of light over the object's maximum life span. The following tips will help you make sure you get the most out of your investment.Maintenance KitsGas lanterns should be cleaned occasionally to make sure none of the tubes are blocked.
17 Jul 20
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3 Reasons Why You Need a Self Defense Weapon
Are you truly prepared for a violent situation? This is a question that far too many people neglect to ask themselves on a daily basis. Yet when it comes to safety, it could be the very question that saves your life. So, if you ever thought that you never needed any protection, here are three important reasons why you need a self defense weapon.
23 Jul 20
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3 Techniques to Be Your Own Self Defense Watchdog
If you've ever been a victim of crime, you know it's no fun. Here are some ways to help you stay safe, so that if you have been a victim of crime, you won't be one again. If you haven't been a victim of crime, let's help make sure they'll never be one. Here are three ways that can help you stay safe and help prevent you from being attacked.
14 Aug 20
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5 Tips to Select a Fire Proof Gun Safe
In today's modern world, more and more people own guns. Besides avid hunters and gun collectors, more people are purchasing them for a security measure in their own home. But with children about, guns need to be kept secure.
06 Sep 20
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A Guide to Hunting Knives - Skin Like a Mad Man and Look Good Doing It
Hunting knives are more than a tool for most hunters. A hunting knife is a conversation piece and whether the rugged hunter will admit it or not, it is part of the stylish wardrobe.You will find that most avid hunters own five to ten guns. But, no hunting kit is complete without the skinning knife. The hunter will have another five to ten knives to compliment his/ her gear.
06 Oct 20
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Are You Interested In Finding Tactical Pants?
When most people think of tactical gear or even the phrase tactical they think of armed special forces and those that are in the armed services, however, other individuals frequently find this kind of gear functional as well such as the general public, military personnel, security department pros, and of course patrol officers or anyone else for that matter.
19 Oct 20
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Best Tactical Knife Buying Tips
Are you an ardent hunter or someone who just likes to carry a pocket knife (an EDC) with them everyday? When looking to buy the best tactical knife you will want to save a lot of time and confusion by doing some research on the attributes you knife will need to have to meet your requirements. The tactical knife is one of the most common knives on the market today.
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