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October 1, 2020
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Fitting A Hand Gun Holster

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Many of us live in states that have honored our second amendment rights by providing laws that allow for the permit to carry a loaded fire arm. Gun holsters have been around as long as there have been hand guns, and armed men and women. The days of the Wild West ushered in a new product for the boot, saddle and leather craftsman of the day. Col. Colt perfected firearms that needed to be carried and carried safely. Depending on the use of the leather, the designs fit the need. Hand gun holsters came in every design and size from the smallest Derringer, to the largest 44 long Colt. Early military hand gun holsters were built to fit one size and style of pistol and no other. A good surplus leather holster might fit your need as long as your need is for a 1911 cal. 45 ACP semi automatic pistol.

Hand gun holsters of today are often engineering marvels and some approach Star Wars prop status. Leather and metal were the first available materials to produce workable hand gun holsters. Metal is still often used in some models but more products are coming on line that incorporate space age plastics and fabrics that wear well and give protection and comfort. Discretion is an important fact of concealed carry laws. Good quality gun holsters keep the weapon out of site yet place the hand gun in proximity to be acquired within less than a second. No one puts on a fire arm thinking that today is the day, we put on our firearm hoping today isn't the day. The confidence that quality hand gun holsters provide, along with the security function they perform, is a side benefit of a well made product.

Women have the available option of hand gun holsters built into attractive purses and hand bags. As the crime rate against women has risen in some areas of the country, women living in those areas have become gun owners and have entered the market place to find comfortable and practical holsters for their hand guns. The purse gun holster is popular for the obvious reason. It is handy and women carrying a purse is an unnoticed common every day event. And with today's fashions, women don't have any place that will hide a hand gun discreetly no matter the size. This inclusion of females into a predominately male activity has created a whole new buyer and new products for them.

The old fashion cartage loop has often been replaced with compartment to carry spare magazines since the popularity of the semi auto has slowly grown over the revolver. The revolver though still popular has been replaced by law enforcement in most states. This fact and the introduction of new calibers such as the 40 cal., along with new firearms manufacturers with designs and frame configurations that have brought out the best in the design and manufacture of hand gun holsters to meet every need.

If your search of your local gun and sporting goods dealer's turns up a blank, many online providers can match you and a holster with speed and accuracy. Most offer free shipping and one or two day service and all of them offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. And that makes an online purchase a snap.


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