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August 13, 2020
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A Review of Case, Rough Rider, and Colt Knives

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Every once in a while you come across a knife you absolutely love. Well I've come across three. It's true, they do have some faults, but they are beautifully made knives that are fun to use. I will give a review of these three knives, and tell you why I like them so much. I will also get into their faults. My hope is that you will have a clear picture of these knives, so you can make a more informed decision if you decide to buy one of them.

The Case Backpocket
Case pocket knives are a well known among knife collectors. The Case Backpocket was designed by Tony Bose. He is famous for making beautiful slipjoints. This is not one of the Case pocket knives made by Bose. He just designed it. But nevertheless, it is a good looking piece.
The knife is surprisingly long, which makes it slightly uncomfortable in your pocket. With a pouch, you barely notice the weight. The blade is made of Trusharp stainless steel. The handle is made of ebony wood. It is pretty flat, which gives it a good hold. The knife excels when it comes to build quality. It is very strong and sturdy.

The Colt Scottish Hunter
This knife is a lot of fun. Sometimes Colt knives take on a little criticism because they are made by a gun company. The Colt Scottish Hunter is a fixed blade. The quality of this knife is very good. It was made in China, but it is constructed with a nice wooden handle and a beautiful wooden inlay.
The case was also made with two pieces of wood. If you're not in to hunting, it is still great for cooking and just as a collector's item. It is made with 440 steel, but it seems to stay pretty sharp.

The Rough Rider large folding Hunter
Rough Rider Knives are good quality knives and the large folding hunter is no exception. Especially for the price, this knife is a great quality tool. This is likely the best deal of the three. The handle is made of bone, and although it is fairly large (8.8 inches folded), it has a great design that allows it to sit nicely in your pocket next to your wallet.

It has a pretty good sharpness. I did notice some dulling after a short period of time, but it was still good enough.


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