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October 19, 2020
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Best Tactical Knife Buying Tips

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Are you an ardent hunter or someone who just likes to carry a pocket knife (an EDC) with them everyday? When looking to buy the best tactical knife you will want to save a lot of time and confusion by doing some research on the attributes you knife will need to have to meet your requirements. The tactical knife is one of the most common knives on the market today. Lot's of people who don't use knives think that tactical knives are just used by police and military personnel. This is not the case today. To view things that way one would have to resign themselves to the fact that any knife can be used as a tactical knife whether it is a folding or fixed blade knife type.

Today's modern tactical knife has been produced for decades and have been embraced by law enforcement and military all over the world. As the years have passed these distinctive knives have found their way into mainstream society in American knife culture for uses at daily work, fishing, camping, hunting and everyday urban carry purposes.

The modern tactical knife has been modified and adapted to other chores besides military and law enforcement These days. When looking for the best tactical knife for you here are some things to consider before purchasing one. Do you want your tactical knife to be a folder or be a fixed blade? If you are going to carry a knife everyday for work or just to have one then you will want a folder and if you are geared toward outdoor activity then you will want to maybe consider a fixed blade.

Your best tactical knife should only be made of the best stainless steels from USA, Germany, Sweden, and Japan. Don't waste your money on cheap Chinese stainless like Xcrmo13, Xcrmo9, Xcrmo8 and others as they don't hold a performance edge. Are you going to use the tactical knife in a police or military job description? You may want to think about getting an auto opener versus a manual opening type of folder for fast deployment and execution tasks as the job dictates.

Are you a search and rescue team member? Are you a fireman or EMT or other first responder? Lot's of people in these job designations use a tactical folder that has a rounded point to it and is called a rescue folder or even a rescue fixed blade. It is very common these days to first responders. Remember, that tactical means a knife that is opened with one hand so that the other hand can be free for other options. This is a very important aspect when using a tactical knife. If you are looking for your best tactical knife just keep in mind that it is YOU that will be using it. Your best tactical knife should be comfortable in the grip and not move around in your hand. It should be ergonomically sound in your hand. The last thing to consider is the carry option that you will employ. Will you carry your tactical folding knife using a pocket clip? Will you carry your tactical folder in a belt sheath? If a fixed blade will you carry in a sheath on your belt or on a MOLLE compatible vest?


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