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March 20, 2020
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3 Essential Things You Should Know If You Want To Be An Airsofter

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Airsoft is easily defined as a contemporary combat sport (or hobby) where people get together and eliminate each other by means of shooting plastic bbs that are launched from airsoft guns at each other. This is no monkey in the middle kind of game though; Airsofting is a complex and detailed game that involves strategy and often simulation of military tactics to accomplish a goal. Those who play airsoft tend to take the game very seriously and their airsoft guns are airsoft replicas of actual weapons, gear and various accessories that are used by the police and the military. This is an article that is going to introduce you to the basic knowledge that anybody interested in airsofting should have.

The Gear is fairly complicated in Airsofting you will need protective helmets, goggles and vests. You will also need to make sure that you have invested in a good pair of gloves as these can protect your hands and fingers when they get hit by the BBs. BBs might not sound like they would hurt, but when they are shot at high velocities they will do more than sting a little bit. The most important piece of gear to have, of course, is the airsoft gun.

There are three major types of airsoft guns the spring, the electric and the gas. If you are new to airsofting, your best bet is to go with a spring powered gun. The gas powered guns are the most popular as they are the most powerful, while the electric airsoft guns are the easiest to find.

There are three major types of airsoft games: the MilSim (or Military Simulation) which involve live action military role playing, the Airsoft for Training that is used by the military and police organizations to train recruits, and he Honor System which is like paintball but relies on the honor system to make individual players be honest about whether or not they have been hit (bbs dont leave marks like paintballs do). There are various strategies that are employed in each of these game variations and it is important to at least have an idea of what is going on before playing your first game. The airsoft forums will have a wealth of information for newbies who want to learn more before heading out to the airsoft arena.

You should learn where the Airsoft arenas are in your area. Consult your local yellow pages to see where they are located and when they are open. The Airsoft forums are another great place to find information. The members there will know which arena is the best and which arenas to avoid.

Airsoft is becoming very popular and very competitive. It isnt a game you can walk into blind and hope to pick it up over the course of the day. Knowing what gear to have, how the game is played and where to play it are all areas of knowledge you should have before heading out to your first game.


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