Amputee Shooter
11 Mar 20
There are a lot of self defense myths and falsehoods out there. Unfortunately, every martial artist has heard are fallen victim to one or more of them. I am no different in this case.Yet there are three big ones that seem to trick people time and time again. So in hopes of exposing these myths, I am showing you these today.

Airsoft is easily defined as a contemporary combat sport (or hobby) where people get together and eliminate each other by means of shooting plastic bbs that are launched from airsoft guns at each othe

20 Mar 20

Airsoft guns are sometimes also known as soft air guns and are usually powered by gas, spring or electric power.

07 Apr 20

Though the actual history of safes may not be very long, the main component and perhaps one of the most important parts of a safe has been, and that is the lock.

19 Apr 20

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10 May 20
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Advanced Bowhunting Tips For Hunters
Bowhunting is a wonderful alternative to rifle hunting but requires a different set of skills. A bow hunter needs to get in closer to his target in order to make a successful kill. Here are some tips for improving your bowhunting skills.
21 Jun 20
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Caring For Your Camping Lantern
As with any other piece of equipment, a white gas camping lantern requires care and maintenance to ensure the best possible quality of light over the object's maximum life span. The following tips will help you make sure you get the most out of your investment.
17 Jul 20
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3 Reasons Why You Need a Self Defense Weapon
Are you truly prepared for a violent situation? This is a question that far too many people neglect to ask themselves on a daily basis. Yet when it comes to safety, it could be the very question that saves your life.
23 Jul 20
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3 Techniques to Be Your Own Self Defense Watchdog
If you've ever been a victim of crime, you know it's no fun. Here are some ways to help you stay safe, so that if you have been a victim of crime, you won't be one again. If you haven't been a victim of crime, let's help make sure they'll never be one.
14 Aug 20
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5 Tips to Select a Fire Proof Gun Safe
In today's modern world, more and more people own guns. Besides avid hunters and gun collectors, more people are purchasing them for a security measure in their own home. But with children about, guns need to be kept secure.
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16 Jun 20
For many of us who own guns we naturally know how to reload them. At least, one would hope we do. It's a pertinent part of owning a gun and getting into the hobby itself, whether you are shooting at a range, a hunter, or even just for self-defense.
13 Aug 20
Every once in a while you come across a knife you absolutely love. Well I've come across three. It's true, they do have some faults, but they are beautifully made knives that are fun to use. I will give a review of these three knives, and tell you why I like them so much. I will also get into their faults.
16 Sep 20
We all know that anything can happen. No matter how well we prepare, bad things take place. For those who face a fire, theft or other disaster, a fireproof safe is a smart investment. Protecting valuable items and papers from damage, these safes are practical purchases for everyone.Buying a safe can be a little more complex than shoppers expect when they first set out to make the purchase though.
Newest Blogs
02 Jul 20
Who didn't love playing duck hunt as a child? We all loved the game and now thanks to the internet there are plenty of duck hunt games available online for free. You can play free, online duck hunter games anytime of the day, for as long as you want. Whether you love hunting, shooting or just playing free games online, duck hunt games are the perfect choice for anyone online.
14 Sep 20
The traditional airsoft rifle is quite an effective gun that can open the doorways to a tremendous amount of adventurous fun. Like everything else, the airsoft rifle has experienced a great deal of innovation on the drawing board. Such innovations have led to the creation of electric airsoft rifles which truly are, pardon the pun, electrifying.It is true these rifles are fully automatic.
01 Oct 20
Many of us live in states that have honored our second amendment rights by providing laws that allow for the permit to carry a loaded fire arm. Gun holsters have been around as long as there have been hand guns, and armed men and women. The days of the Wild West ushered in a new product for the boot, saddle and leather craftsman of the day. Col.
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