Precision rifle, goal setting and updates, Seraphim Armoury

Precision rifle updates!

I popped over to the visit my family on Vancouver Island and grabbed my rifle back from the gunsmith, a couple weeks back, and managed to get it out to the range and put about 17 leftover rounds through it to sight it in, and foul up the barrel (no arguments please about break-in procedure – this is something I won’t get into here, as there are 100 different ways for every 10 guys). I used Dennis Sorensen, a benchrest shooter and gunsmith to do the work for me who had some fairly positive reviews.  Included in the services was: chambering and finishing the barrel to 28″, and truing the action. He has a method for truing the action that evidently works quite well, so I opted to have him do this while the rifle was apart. Looking over the bolt, you can see where he has lightly taken off material to make the surfaces true to the bore and mate up with their corresponding parts better. Most notably along the lock lugs.

Remington 700, trued action with Krieger barrel

Remington 700, trued action with Krieger barrel


I was debating having the rifle cerakoted to match the receiver, but once I got it back and had a good long look over it, I am really happy with the two-tone. Stainless barrel and black action/stock really looks sharp.  From a purely aesthetic point of view, I am happy not changing a damn thing!   The only thing that is a concern at this point is the bell of my scope rests on the barrel – something that I have already remedied with higher rings, giving me about 1/4″ clearance now.


As my membership to the range expired, and I had a Friday off – I headed out in the sun to renew, and put some bullets on target to see what the preliminary results were.  As you can see below, using an older, non-tuned load from another rifle, the results were promising.

3-round group immediately after sight-in.

5-round group, three holes.











The specs of the days shoot were: 100 meters, sunny day.  Shooting 44.5 grains of Varget over 175 grain Sierra Matchkings.  Immediately after sighting in the rifle, I shot the left photo – 3 holes touching, and around 1/2 MOA.  The squares on the paper are 1″ square.  The last 5 rounds of the day were put into 3/4″ or so, through three holes.  So – I am definitely happy with the work, and the preliminary results look very promising to me.  I will be tuning up a load in the coming weeks to get this rifle right where I want it.  And just in time for the BC Precision Rifle Championship.


Competition updates!

I set out a goal for myself last year, one that was incredibly scary, daunting and exciting all at the same time.  I signed up to shoot NSCC Service Conditions Precision rifle match in Ottawa.   As of April 14th, 2015 – I am fully registered, and my plane ticket is booked.  I am competing in my first national match, in my second year of shooting.  Holy. Shit.

Also happening this year, is my second entry into the BC Precision Rifle Championship here in BC.  I’m very excited to have an awesome partner this year, and I look forward to bettering my score over last year.  I am in a better position, I know my gear well, I know my reloads well and I am planning on killing it this year.   It’s an incredibly exciting year for me this year…I have set realistic, and unrealistic goals and worked to make them happen.  I couldn’t be happier.


NSCC Bound!


Seraphim Armoury

A while back I approached local Canadian firearm manufacturer Seraphim Armoury about photographing their line of 1911 pistols, and this last weekend – we got together to shoot at Abbotsford Fish and Game, and they brought out their full line of pistols.   We spent about 3 hours going over and photographing different poses of pistols, individually and together, and the day couldn’t have been better for it.  All the initial shots looked great and are already appearing on the Seraphim Armoury webpage and Facebook page.  Go give them a like and support, local Canadian manufacturers.  The price point is excellent, and the fit and finish of the pistols is excellent.  I will be buying one a little later on this year.


Seraphim Armoury shoot.

Here are some sample images from the shoot – keep an eye on the two pages above for more, as they release them:


Seraphim Armoury Archangel 1911 in Stainless

Seraphim Armoury

Seraphim Armoury


Finally – some links for your reading pleasure: