Links and resources

Expanding on my precision rifle resource post – here is a permanent, expanding page of links that I find useful.


Blogs and youtube

  •  8541 Tactical – This is where it started for me with precision rifle; his youtube series on PR on a budget got me going with the tools that I had at the moment – a Remington 700.
  • The Precision Rifle Blog – Cal has a very good site with excellent data-driven articles.  When I was digging more and more into ballistics, this is a site I kept cross-referencing
  • Accuracy Tech – I have found some good articles here on reloading and shooting technique
  • RifleTalk – Some local content here – lots of great reviews on gear and a no-nonsesnse approach to shooting
  • Reddit Longrange – A good community of people willing to talk and help.
  • 6mmBR – Good reviews of gear
  •  Accurate Shooter – A great resource for all sorts of calibers, gear and tools.  Very well thought-out articles.
  • SnipersHide – This used to be excellent, but was bought out by a larger company – however the archives are still searchable and there is a wealth of information
  •  The Firearm Blog – More of a general gun and gear website, not geared to PR
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation – Really excellent learning here for the basics – Ryan Cleckner, approaches the basics in an easy to understand way
  • Hunting Gear Guy – Local gear review. Gives  good unbiased reviews of rifles and gear.


Reloading supplies in Canada


  • Grouse River – Local to Kelowna BC, excellent selection of reloading supplies, books and tools
  • Budget Shooter Supply – Budget Shooter has quick delivery, and excellent customer service.
  • X-Reload – Custom orders available, great stock and quick delivery.  My second go-to.
  • Mystic Precision – Specializing in precision rifle components, he can get you most things


Shooting competitions and matches in Western Canada

  • BC Precision Rifle – Your resource for BC Precision rifle matches in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Kamloops.
  • Action Rifle League – The lower mainlands source for CQB competitions.  Well run and a lot of fun shooting rifles and pistols from 35-10m.
  • BCRA – Listing for all precision, service rifle, f-class and tactical rifle shoots.  Entry forms and schedules here.
  • Dominion of Canada Rifle Association – Home of the NSCC service rifle, service pistol and precision rifle competitions.