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Amputee Shooter Branding!


You may notice some uniformity across my social media presence now with some branding!  A big thanks to Douglas for banging out these logos!  After 3 years, I made the next step and got a logo designed so that I am able to unify my social media platforms!  If you are a gun person, and want some logos or graphics done – head on over to Douglas’ Facebook page and send him a message – he does great work, and his turn-around time is very quick.


I will also be using these, hopefully to watermark images I take and upload to my blog – making my brand more identifiable and recognizable.  If you are looking for images to hotlink – please don’t hesitate to reach out and I can provide hi-resolution copies of these for cross promotion.


Logo Black

Logo Black

Logo White

Logo White

Logo Landscape White

Logo Landscape White

Logo Landscape Black

Logo Landscape Black

2017 – Goals, achievements and looking forward!

Hello 2017!

It’s been a while since I’ve had an update here, and that is entirely on me. I took a brief break after NSCC this year to regroup, gather my thoughts and put my eyes on the future; for shooting and for where I want to go with that.   I apologize for the radio silence – I think 2017 will be a good one for me and for shooting.  The BCRA Precision match is coming up in a number of months, as well as NSCC again in the end of August in Ottawa.  Without further adieu – here are the straight goods.

New Facebook photo for 2017

New Facebook photo for 2017



CTV News clip.

I was approached by CJ Summers in the latter half of 2016, inquiring if I would like to have a story done about me being a disable shooter; to me this sounded like a neat idea thinking that he might be doing a story for a small online publication or Facebook group.  What it turned into in the beginning of 2017, was an interest from CTV to do a 2 minute segment with me and air it on prime-time news here in Vancouver.  So we hit up the range with my AR and precision rifles, as well as Jason from CTV– where I got to sit in front of a camera and get interviewed.

2017 - my debut on prime time news on CTV

2017 – my debut on prime time news on CTV

Overall it was a very positive experience – they didn’t spin the piece to be anti-firearms, they really showcased me as a regular guy that likes to compete across this fine nation, and aired on a huge local news station.   We talked a lot about me shooting without my hand, what I love about shooting and how I got into it, and what keeps me here.

Big thanks to CJ for making this happen!  I was floored by the positive feedback I got – I didn’t see a single negative comment about it.  The other part I liked was how I was able to bring to a mainstream media outlet, an objective commentary on firearms and the shooting sports.  All too often we get vilified in the press so it was really awesome to see it in a positive light.    I was even recognized a couple times because of it – that was weird.

You can check it out here:


Slam Fire Radio.

Shortly after this piece aired, I also recorded an episode of Slam Fire Radio with Adriel of The Hunting Gear Guy blog, that should be going live Thursday, January 26th 2017, so check out their Facebook page or their website – I’ll also post it up here and on my Facebook page when it’s available.   Adriel and I chatted for about 45 minutes talking about various topics relating to precision rifle, reloading and shooting matches.  We got to touch on a lot of things I did in the CTV piece, but it will be a bit more lengthy and I go on a bit more on tangents!  Big thanks to Adriel for asking me on the show.


Another form of competition – paralympics.

I reached out earlier this month as well, to the paralympic shooting team, and ended up having a conversation with the coach of the team to find out how I can get involved.  I think 2017 is the year that I take my shooting further and I am going to try to get really into some competitive matches and focus on my marksmanship skills.   This is very preliminary thing but it is something that I want to focus on this year.  There are some qualification matches that I am going to look into; one of them being a national match in Toronto.

I would love to add to my long-term goals ‘competing in the paralympics’; so I think I am going to actively work towards making that happen.  I feel there is a lot of opportunity for me as an amputee and a shooter with this – so I am going to add it to my list of things this year to practice.

The Shooting Federation of Canada and the ISSF Website has a lot of good information on it.  Unfortunately it looks like it is a lot of self-driven practice so that is going to be a challenge.

A couple of items that I am going to need to take on myself:

  • Track down an air rifle for practice
  • Find mentorship
  • Work out a practice plan that I can implement and maintain


Sponsorship and goals

I know that I had this on my goals for last year – unfortunately I did not work on it as I should have last year, so I am pushing it forward to this year.  I’d like to be able to have some sort of sponsorship this year to supplement the outlay for gear and flights and such.  This is a big TBD as I have legitimately no experience with this.  Putting a pin in this, as a reminder to me of what I want to accomplish out of 2017.


  • Compete at NSCC again in August. I will better my score from last year.
  • Compete at the BCRA precision match.  I will better my score from last year.
  • Obtain a match-legal air rifle – the below is what I was advised to be looking at
  • I will practice shooting at least once every two weeks.
  • I will have a blog post once a month.
  • Obtain 1 sponsor by the end of the year.



Finally – keep in touch with me through my various social media methods:

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